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Take a quick look at these lists ... does this sound like you?

This is what's happening in your life...
  • You’re not kind to yourself (that inner critic just won’t quit)
  • You’re short-tempered with your spouse and kids
  • You say yes when you want to say no and regret it later
  • You live with hurt from past wounds
  • You find yourself numbing and distracting yourself
  • You do so much but never feel like it's enough
But you want to...
  • Source your happiness from inside
  • Find your calm, confident center in the midst of chaos​
  • Ask for what you need and say no with less guilt
  • Cultivate closer and more connected relationships
  • Release the need to be constantly busy and “productive”
  • Finally feel like you don't have to hustle for your worth

If yes, you're a perfect fit for Self-Love Basecamp ... you can skip scrolling and click to join!

(it's only $97/month and you deserve this!)

Let's Do This!

You’re trying to do so much, for so many, and at some point, something’s gotta give.

And usually that something is us.

We — women — give so much that eventually, we give up on our dreams, or we physically, mentally and emotionally give out.


What we don’t do is give ourselves the time, space and care we need.

Mom and Child

Don't feel bad if this doesn't feel easy. Truth is, it can feel incredibly hard, like trying to climb your own personal Kilimanjaro. Nothing in our society is set up to support us in taking better care of ourselves. 

Our society glorifies busyness, idealizes productivity and sanctifies self-sacrifice.

And we, women -- we're losing it.

We know we’re overwhelmed. We see our families and relationships suffering. We see ourselves suffering. So why can’t we course-correct? 

Because there’s something deeper at play here. 

Something that goes to the very core of how we decide what is and isn’t of value.


The truth is that we sacrifice ourselves by over-doing and people-pleasing because our sense of worth is based on what we DO and what other people think about us.

Sound about right? Until the past five years, it was for me, too. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

I’m Deb Blum, Self-Love + Authenticity Coach and I've coached moms for nearly a decade. Whether they're entrepreneurs, leaders in their communities, working a day job, stay-at-home moms or some combo of them all, these women look like they’ve got it together, but are overworked, exhausted, and still never feel like they’re doing enough, or doing it right.

They come to me feeling:

  • Dissatisfied
  • Resentful
  • Unsupported
  • Unappreciated
  • Anxious
  • Restless, always looking for something else
  • And guilty — even though they do so much! 

And, they suffer from workaholism, do-it-allism, and wondering “is this all there is?” 

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Deb Blum


The worst part: 
They’ve abandoned themselves to keep the peace, sacrificed their authenticity for acceptance, suppressed vital truths and plastered over them with a smile and an automatic “yes" (or an automatic "no") 

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – RALPH WALDO EMERSON (2)

If this sounds all too familiar, I want to let you in on something.

When you scratch the surface, these are all actually symptoms of two interconnected problems:

A lack of self-acceptance and a lack of self-love.

A lack of self-acceptance and a lack of self-love are the root causes of most of our suffering. And the answer is more complicated than self-care. 

I wish I could say it’s as simple as taking an hour of “me time” to read a book in a bathtub. 

It isn’t.

To love yourself and find yourself inherently worthy of *your* time, focus and energy, so you can lift yourself out of burnout, have time to play with your kids, feel desire for some nookie with your spouse, and make the mental space for plateau-breaking revelations in your business…

...all of that requires a journey into deep inner work. 

Here's where I invite you to join me on a Self-Love Journey, a truly magical adventure.

Along the way, you'll be:

  • Understanding what it means to cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself 
  • Getting what to do instead of just filling inner emptiness with outside validation, new things, changes, food, etc.
  • Learning to identify and listen to your needs (maybe for the first time in years, or ever)
  • Setting boundaries, so you get what you need and avoid exhaustion and burnout
  • Healing your deepest wounds that keep you playing small and spreading yourself thin
  • Reconnecting with your emotions, which you tend to shut down to avoid hurt
  • And coming to love all aspects of yourself, especially the ones someone told you were unlovable

This is the journey out of overwhelm and exhaustion. And it is a trek. A real climb filled with breathtaking views you've never seen before. And to reach the summit, you’re going to need support. 

Join Us at Self-Love Basecamp

So much healing can happen within a community of women who share your challenges (and your aspirations)

I created Self-Love Basecamp to give women a place for guidance and community with other women who are actively on the path to deepening their relationships with themselves, claiming their worth, and finally feeling more than enough. 

This journey isn’t just about learning how to prioritize yourself, how to have more energy for your life and loved ones, or even how to expand your capacity for joy. Really, it’s about changing the world.

What do you think would happen if all women, everywhere, learned to accept and love their whole selves?

Whole families, multiple generations, could heal their traumas.

Whole communities would feel the impact of a wave of genuine generosity, from women in the fullest expression of their power.

Whole systems could be recalibrated to better serve humanity, when women refuse to accept any less.

It’s up to us to take the first steps for ourselves, so we can begin these ripple effects outward. 

Maya Angelou
Find your calm, confident center in the midst of chaos
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Source your happiness from within you rather than from outside of you
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Streamline your commitments, so you have more energy and joy
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Ask for what you need and say no with less guilt
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Release the need to be constantly busy and “productive”

On this self-love journey, we'll develop the skills to:

  • Find your calm, confident center in the midst of chaos​
  • Source your happiness from inside, rather than from other people or circumstances
  • Streamline your commitments, so you have more energy and joy
  • Ask for what you need and say no with less guilt
  • Release the need to be constantly busy and “productive”

And so much more. 

More love, more deep friendships, more integrity, more excitement, more control over your life, and more peace.

That’s what we’re doing here. We are standing together to challenge the dominant paradigm and reclaim ourselves.


          Here’s the crazy thing…

You’ll cultivate the ability to be truly selfless and joyfully generous, improving the lives of everyone around you. Because, only when your needs are met can you fulfill the needs of the most important people in your life — without resentment. 

With your whole heart.

Are you in? (I really hope you’re in!)

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A Bit More About Self-Love Basecamp

While on the self-love journey, we need a basecamp, a place to go that's safe, where we're with others with shared goals and where we know we'll have what we need to venture out in our lives. From this place, we courageously take risks to get closer to our goals. And we inspire one another to push our edges and go a little further. 

Imagine a virtual fire circle where we gather to share stories and support as we prioritize ourselves, love all of our parts, and work to live authentically.

Membership in Basecamp includes:

  • Monthly Q&A / Discussion on Zoom 
  • Monthly Zoom Guided Adventures (with me or a guest guide)
  • Private Facebook Group to share and get support
    • Mon-Fri  prompts
  • Free access to masterclasses and women’s circles
  • Access to trainings, worksheets, practices, meditations and talks in the Self-Love Training Zone
  • Listening and accountability buddies (optional)
  • Discounts off group & individual coaching + courses

And what's your investment?

  • $97/month or $997/year (14% savings)

If you’ve noticed this happening in your life, then Self-Love Basecamp may be exactly what you need:

  • You’re not kind to yourself (that inner critic just won’t quit)
  • You’re not kind to other people (you’re short-tempered with your spouse and kids)
  • You’re more reactive than you’d like to be (tiredness and busyness take a toll)
  • You live with fear, anger, and hurt from past wounds every day
  • You find yourself numbing anxiety and depression by eating/drinking/shopping/working

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.
Come join us in Basecamp and let’s climb together.

Subscribe to Basecamp $97/month or $997/year

Have a Few More Questions?

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How Active Will This Group Be? How Much Time Will It Take?

This is a journey where you can set whatever pace you need. Sometimes, you’ll want to climb high and fast, and you’ll be more involved, more committed to the lessons and meditations. And other times, life happens, and you may need to slow down. Lessons, meditations, events and exercises will be in the Training Zone (resource area) so you can find what you need, when you need it. 

That said, the more you engage and the more time you spend, the more you will get out of this experience (and the better the experience will be for everyone). I do recommend that you only join if you are ready to commit to yourself and the other women in the group.

What's Your Coaching Style?

As you can probably already tell, I'm not a superficial kind of a coach. I like to dive right in! I can be playful and fun but I can also be intense and say what need to be said. I'm genuine, bold and sometimes unconventional. And compassionate too! I will push your edges and ask you to explore territories that may surprise you. But I will always hold you so lovingly in my heart, I will accept you deeply - often before you accept yourself, I will see the beautiful truth of who you are and all of your potential - even when you can't see for yourself. I don't really know how to do things half-way, I give 1000% so my challenge is to not overwhelm you! I set up the Training Zone so I could create content and you can go in there and find what you want without the pressure to "keep up." I encourage you to read some of the testimonials below so you can learn more about me.

I’ve already done a lot of self-work and shadow integration. Is this still for me?

You can be at any stage of your self-love journey. That is what makes this community of women so magical — some are self-love veterans with wisdom to share, and some are brand new, just starting their journeys. Wherever you are, you are welcome. If you're already on this path, you know that we heal in layers so even when we learn something again, it's at a new level. 

Will There Be Individual Coaching?

I'll be in the Facebook group often, answering questions, providing support and jumping on Facebook Lives. We’ll all come together at least once per month on a Zoom call where I will teach, answer questions, guide you through inner exercises, and provide some support.

If you need more support, I offer discounted (for SLBC members) 1:1 coaching in my Courage to Climb or High Altitude programs which may be ideal for you.

Will there be structure and accountability to make sure I get my ‘self-love’ work done?

I’ve structured the program to be flexible enough to respond to what the group needs, but also have planned practices, exercises, journal prompts, questions, meditations, and opportunities to connect with one another to deepen your understanding around topics. I'll support you to find accountability buddies to cheer each other on and make this work part of your regular practice. 

What if I Don't Like the Group?

You can cancel your monthly membership anytime you wish. If you're not sure, I encourage you to start on a month to month basis. If you decide you really like it, you can always signup for the annual plan to get the discount. But you'll love it ;) 

Why a Membership Program and Not a Course?

If you want to go through some sort of "program" where you're walked through the specific steps to get from here to there, this may not be the right fit for you. This is more like a journey where you learn a new way of being - where each day you learn to be more you, to be more self-directed, to know what you want and need, to stand in your worth, to heal and grow, to awaken to all of who you are and love yourself. My job is to point you back to yourself - for you to trust yourself, know that you have everything you need inside of you. I do need to teach you another way of doing life, another way to BE, but you are your expert and I will do that in our Zoom calls and in videos that I put into the Training Zone. I'm always watching for entry points and trailheads to guide you to the bits of information that will tell us more about you, to discover exiled and abandon aspects, to connect the dots and bring together the pieces into a whole picture - the picture of YOU!

I've always had a vision where I was sitting on a park bench and a woman comes by, sits down, we talk, and in some small way, I help her to fall a little bit more in love with herself, inspire her to live more true to herself, give her permission to show up a little more fully. What this illuminated for me is my desire to help, my commitment to each of us loving ourselves and being more authentic...and my naturally generous way of being. I also want everyone to have access to support, not just those with abundant financial resources.

People say that we should love ourselves, but most people don't know how to do this. None of us have been taught how to love ourselves - in fact, we've been taught the opposite. But self-love IS gettable. I'm pretty convinced this is a life journey, not something you can learn in 6 easy steps. Hence, a membership group :) 

Interested, but still not sure?

Customer Love

Brooke Uhl TestimonialMelissa Rich Testimonial

  • Deb Blum

    “In Self-Love Basecamp, there's guidance for so many pieces of the puzzle of our lack of self acceptance. This is an amazing collection of resources, and as someone who often signs up for more than I can keep up with, and then gets overwhelmed and doesn't fully utilize the tools I have available, one thing I have appreciated immensely is how - in addition to the robust trainings on various topics - Deb will often remind us that we don't have to do it all at once, or she will share tiny tidbits that help us get the important pieces, when we're not able to take it all in on certain days that already have too much crammed into them. This makes it feel like a resource that I can keep around, for when I need it, and that the reminders to use it will continue to be there in a gentle and loving way, keeping me showing up without making me feel behind.”

  • Deb Blum

    “This group has been great due to the variety of ways to connect! It may be as simple as reading a meaningful quote, another member sharing their experiences, a prompt that gets you deconstructing or
    a short video that leaves you feeling inspired!! Of course always great to connect on calls too! I think the best part is the constant reminder to love yourself more, but in a way that accepts you where you are at and allows you to participate however best meets your needs on any given day ❤️”

  • Deb Blum

    “The format of the group gives you just what you need when you need it. While I am partial to putting scheduled calls on my calendar, such that I consciously block the time as ME time, I also find that an evening “scroll” on facebook might uncover a post from Deb or another group member that catches my eye. I know I can also go looking for the group posts if I seek something more. Being part of a group where there is ample room to both listen and share, give and receive is invaluable. I am looking forward to forging even deeper connections with others and within myself.”

  • Deb Blum

    “I started working with Deb to clarify my career goals, and it evolved into much more. She has helped me look at my life holistically, and identify who I am, and what kind of life I want. She has coached me on how to live my life more authentically and build a life that is more in line with my true nature and goals. I had heard the phrase “living with intention” and that is what Deb has helped me do. Probably the most impressive thing about Deb is her ability to take any situation I bring to her and help me find concrete, practical ways to successfully navigate through it. Whether I need emotional support or more practical advice for how to manage my day, Deb always has effective strategies and ideas. Better yet, she coaches me on how I can provide that support to myself. There is also a spiritual element to what Deb does and I as embraced this, I saw significant changes in my life. I was responding differently to stressful situations, and seeing opportunities for growth and healing where I normally would only see obstacles.”

  • Deb Blum

    “We know our issues, but how do we move past them and find happiness? Deb was my answer and I could never be more grateful to another person. She has helped teach me how to save me from myself. If I can’t love me how can someone else? Deb has shown me the path to self-love and healing. My life changed when my best friend introduced us. Change is not easy and nothing happens overnight but when you actually feel like you are a part of life happening, being in the moment, and learning to accept love not only from others but from yourself, you realize it’s all worth it.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb has a keen ability to truly listen and tease out key insights that accurately characterized my strengths and my areas for growth. Above all, Deb lit a fire of determination in me to speak stronger, louder and more inviting truths. Deb is a bright light in a sometimes, very dark and stressful world. Her gift of helping women see their strengths, stretch themselves to grow, and be their authentic selves is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that anyone can receive. I could not recommend working with this power house mama more strongly if you want to do some gritty and gratifying self-work that I’m certain will help you lead a more fulfilling life.”

  • Deb Blum

    “My connection with Deb was instant and deep – she has a true gift for seeing people and reflecting back in a supportive and actionable way. She is the best friend you never knew you had. I was inspired to work with Deb because she has done her own work and she has all of the tools to help you get closer to yourself. I am more of myself thanks to Deb. She taught me how to see and listen to myself with love. I have less fear about the future, less anger about the past, and one more dear friend.”

  • Deb Blum

    “The Self-Love Basecamp community is growing to be so supportive with some pretty amazing women. I love how the monthly group coaching calls are so interactive in a way that allows us all to learn the lessons Deb wants to share in a way that seems to magically fit what we are each going through at that particular moment. Deb really has a gift for creating the container that becomes exactly what each person needs in each given moment.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb’s life coaching has drastically transformed the quality of my life. I’ve explored with Deb the emotional obstacles standing in my way, and together within a safe and loving environment, we’ve dealt with them and removed them. Deb has taught me how to open myself up to others in a safe and healthy way, leading me to fulfillment in my relationships with friends and family, instead of frustration. Deb will meet you where you are, explore the fears, doubts and concerns that prevent you from experiencing life’s joy, and offer wise guidance on how to live the life you’re meant to.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb has given me specific guidance and direction towards a more fulfilled soul. I don’t feel stuck in mud anymore. I am moving forward and I feel great. Deb is the kindest person and I feel very supported. I highly recommend Deb to all moms, as Deb has a huge heart and a true gift to heal anyone that seeks her guidance!”